Two art handlers hang a picture on a wall under the direction of a curator

What is the Government Art Collection?

Understand why the Government has an art collection, what it collects and why the Collection is spread across the world.

Art X-UK Acquisitions

Over 2020 the Government Art Collection collected new works by 45 visual artists from across the UK, celebrating and supporting the diversity of creativity across the Union.

three people in front of a painting

Representation of the People Project 2018-28

Find out about the Collection's ten-year commitment to assess and improve representation in the Collection across age, disability, gender, race, sexuality and socio-economics.

The pianola installed in an exhibition with the two related prints hung on the walls behind it

Explore the Collection

There are so many ways to discover this unusual collection. Apply creative ways to search and enjoy the Collection.

The GAC display at the Residence ties together our efforts of portraying a modern, sustainable and innovative Britain, whilst linking to key historical events and individuals. The artwork is often commented on positively by visitors.

Dame Barbara Woodward, British Ambassador to China

Roles in Action

Looking after over 14,000 works of art, our staff bring expertise, passion and pragmatism to their roles. Discover what happens behind the scenes through a series of interviews and accounts.

a textile work on the wall

History of the Collection

Art is one way of remembering Britain’s long-standing relationships with other nations. Learn about the history of the Collection and its role in British cultural diplomacy.

Two men load a crate onto a truck

A Working Collection

Works from the Collection are regularly on the move. Find out what’s needed to make this happen and the job mission of the artworks themselves