For ages 14 and up

Four artists introduce their artwork, describe their passions, and explain what makes them tick through interviews conducted by artist and educator Claire Collison. Did they always know they wanted to be an artist? Which artists have inspired them, and what life events have shaped them? And are there any words of wisdom they wish they could have given their younger self?

Created for young people (14+) and adults, our learning resources are based on four works acquired by the Government Art Collection from New Contemporaries, the leading organisation supporting emerging artists from the UK’s art programmes. The Government Art Collection has been acquiring works from New Contemporaries artists every year since 2018.

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Michaela Yearwood-Dan

Michaela Yearwood-Dan was born in London in 1994. She studied Painting at the University of Brighton. In her art, she often depicts topics based on observations of society and self. Her works explore themes of class, culture/race, gender, nature, love, loss and reflection.

On one side of the painting, hands are seen near two plates of pie and mash. On the other side, a palm tree blows in the wind

© Michaela Yearwood-Dan

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Madelynn Green

Born in Milwaukee, USA, in 1993, Madelynn Green now lives and works in London. She studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins and has a background in politics. Working from photo and video reference material as well as her imagination, her subjects include family and social dynamics.

Three children are sat down, two are looking straight at us

© Madelynn Green

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Mohammed Sami

Mohammed Sami was born in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1984. He studied drawing and painting at the Institute of Fine Art, Baghdad. In 2007, a friend offered him safe passage out of Iraq and he immigrated to Sweden. He studied at Ulster University, Belfast, and at Goldsmiths College, London.

Painting of a socket in a wall and a plug on the wooden floor

© Mohammed Sami

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Samuel Fordham

Samuel Fordham was born in 1987. He studied Photography at UWE Bristol and works with photography, text, video and sound to tell intimate and often hidden stories highlighting issues surrounding childhood, family welfare and equality.

Three bright lights in a black and white photograph

© Samuel Fordham

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