Where can I see the Collection?

The Government Art Collection is committed to bringing its works of art closer to you through loans to exhibitions and collections, partnerships and public programmes across the UK.

Apart from being displayed in government buildings around the world, the Collection also frequently loans works for temporary exhibitions to museums and galleries in the UK and abroad. In the UK, works from the Collection have also been displayed in schools, libraries, shopping centres, sports venues and even a horse riding centre and a reptile shop!

You can plan to visit some of these works using the map below and learn more about their exciting temporary displays. You can also explore more of the Collection online or discover more about the partnership projects that bring our artworks to local audiences. To keep updated on our work and find out more about our events and projects, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The pianola installed in an exhibition with the two related prints hung on the walls behind it

Explore the Collection

There are so many ways to discover this unusual collection. Apply creative ways to search and enjoy the Collection.

Partnership Projects

The Government Art Collection is committed to working with different partners and to finding new ways to reach wider audiences.