• Eliza Gluckman, Director

    Heads the Government Art Collection, an accredited Museum with a worldwide presence promoting the visual arts to a global and UK audience.  The Director leads the team to deliver the Collection’s work in international displays, public engagement, commissions, acquisitions and new partnerships, alongside the management and care of the collection.

  • Elizabeth Macarthy, Personal Assistant

    The Director’s assistant is first point of contact for directorate enquiries. They manage the Directors diary, schedules meetings and often corresponds on behalf of the Directors.

  • Head of Curatorial and Public Engagement (Vacant)

    Heads the Curatorial team, develops external partnerships and manages the curatorial direction including identifying acquisitions, displays and public programming, with an eye to diversity and representation. They also ensure that the Collection contributes to DCMS objectives.

  • Emma Bani-Walker and James Morrison, Senior Collection Coordinators

    The coordination of the administration of the Collection. This includes budgets, business continuity, corporate planning, copyright clearances, as well as liaising with the acquisitions Advisory Committee and commissioning partners.

  • Madeline Betts, Documentation Manager

    Ensures that we have effective collections information and documentation policies, procedures, systems and standards in place and that these are managed, supported and developed across the work of the Collection.

  • Tony Harris, Digital Media and Photography Manager

    Ensures that the Collection’s photography and image management meets museum standards. He is also responsible for graphic design and ensuring our website is kept up to date.

  • Shasti Lowton and Chantal Condron, Curators (Public Engagement)

    Develops the Collection’s in-person and digital public programme, from collaborative projects with communities, creative collectives and arts organisations across the UK, to behind the scenes tours and Open House visits. Our Public Engagement Curators work to bring the stories in our collection to life through an array of exciting activities and events.

  • Leigh Anne Manesi, Digital Engagement Officer

    Manages the Collection’s social media and its digital engagement strategy.

  • Dr Laura Popoviciu, Curator (pre-1900)

    Generates and disseminates knowledge about the pre-1900 works of art in the Collection through research, curated displays, special projects, new acquisitions, online content, and public presentations.

  • Sim Panaser, Curator (Modern and Contemporary)

    The production and sharing of knowledge about the Modern and Contemporary (20th century to today) works of art in the Collection, through research, new acquisitions, curated displays, special projects, online content, and public presentations.

  • Andrew Parratt, Head of Collection Care

    Heads the Collections team with oversight of our registrarial, technical and conservation work strands worldwide. Curates art displays for Government buildings that balance the needs of objects, locations and the people who come into contact with the Collection.

  • Sarah McFadden and Paulina Shearing, Registrars

    Are your first point of contact for queries about access to the Government Art Collection. The registrar deals with all aspects of the Collection on the move, from acquisition to display, including managing loans to public exhibitions, as well as overseeing displays in Government buildings and diplomatic missions.

  • Chris Christophorou, Technical Manager

    Manages the intake and dispatch of works of art and ensures their preparation to professional standards for display. Chris also oversees the installation of artworks in government buildings around the world.

  • Anthony Lindsay, Collection Technician

    Prepares works for dispatch and supports installation teams with his knowledge of the artworks.