The Engagement between HM Frigate “Java” and the USS “Constitution”, 29 December 1812 [Plate 1]

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    Country: USA
    City: Boston
    Place: British Consulate-General

    Interpretation about this artwork is under review

    In 1814, marine painter Nicholas Pocock exhibited original watercolours for all four of the prints from this series at the Royal Watercolour Society in London. Explanatory text accompanied the watercolours and this is also included below the images on the printed versions. According to inscriptions on the printed versions, Pocock’s watercolours were painted ‘from a Sketch by Lieut. Buchanan’. Buchanan may have been a member of the crew aboard the 'Java' at the time of the battle, who made record sketches of the events.

  • About the artist
    Robert Havell senior, son of artist and publisher Daniel Havell, was born in Reading but moved to London as a child. After Robert launched his career, father and son collaborated on illustrations for Henry Salt’s ‘Twenty Four Views Taken in St. Helena’ (1809–10). However, the partnership was short-lived and Robert later established himself at premises in Fitzrovia. He married Lydia Miller Phillips and had a son, Robert junior. Robert junior and his father formed the firm of R. Havell & Son, working on numerous projects including ‘Birds of America’ for John James Audubon. The scale of this project led them to employ 50 additional staff and move to larger premises in Oxford Street. Robert senior died a year after the company expansion.
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    The Engagement between HM Frigate “Java” and the USS “Constitution”, 29 December 1812 [Plate 1]
    Coloured engraving and aquatint
    Purchased 1972
    GAC number