Sir William Gascoigne (c.1350-1419) Chief Justice of the King’s Bench 1413

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    Country: UK
    City: London
    Place: Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand
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    Nothing is known of the earliest years or parentage of John Augustus Atkinson. At eight or nine he travelled to St. Petersburg with engraver James Walker, who had a position within the court of Catherine the Great. Atkinson later worked in the court, producing paintings of Russian life and portraits. He also illustrated Samuel Butler's ‘Hudibras’ (1798). Atkinson and Walker returned to London in 1802, where Atkinson studied painting and illustrated books on costume and foreign life. Atkinson and Walker collaborated on several engravings until 1816, when they gave up the premises they shared in Conway Street. Atkinson exhibited at the Royal Academy, British Institution, Society of British Artists and Society of Painters in Water Colours.
    Charles Hamilton Smith was a soldier and natural historian. However, Smith also produced accurate drawings for his publications. By 1815 he had written two books on the subject of costume worn in Britain and Ireland before the 17th century: ‘Ancient Costumes of Great Britain and Ireland’ (published 1821) and ‘The Costume of the Original Inhabitants of the British Islands from the Earliest Periods to the Sixth Century’ (published 1814-15), which was co-authored by antiquary and historian of arms and armour Samuel Rush Meyrick.
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    Gascoigne, Sir William
    Materials & Techniques
    etching, coloured aquatint, colour aquatint
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    Sir William Gascoigne (c.1350-1419) Chief Justice of the King’s Bench 1413
    1 February 1813
    Etching and coloured aquatint
    Presented by Dr. Peter Rusk, November 1971
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