The Derby Cabinet Resolving Upon the Abyssinian Expedition

Henry Gales


  • About the work
    Country: UK
    City: London
    Place: Downing Street

    This mezzotint print shows a meeting of the Derby Cabinet in the Cabinet Office, Downing Street, in 1867. It was made after a painting by Henry Gales. Gales’ work is reportedly based on a design by John Gilbert. The Prints and Drawings Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum have a similar mezzotint, which is described in their catalogue as engraved by ‘J. Scott, after H. Gales and J. Gilbert’.

    In January 1869 the 'Liverpool Mercury' reported that: 'The subject is in process of engraving by Messrs. Graves, the well-known printsellers of London, and Mr. Grindley of this town.' A watercolour version by Gales was lent by Baroness Kinloss to the ‘Victorian Era’ exhibition of 1897 and is now in the collection of National Portrait Gallery, London. This watercolour is probably the painting which was exhibited in Liverpool and Dublin in 1869.

  • About the artist
    Henry Gales (also referred to as ‘G. H. Gales’) is known only for his painting ‘The Derby Cabinet Resolving Upon the Abyssinian Expedition’, which was exhibited at Mr E. Grindley’s Fine Art Gallery, Church Street, Liverpool, in January 1869 and at Mr. Cranfield’s, Grafton Street, Dublin, in September that year. A review of the work, published while it was on show in Dublin, referred to it as a ‘design by John Gilbert’ and reported ‘It is the first effort in a large painting which Mr. Gales has made’. Gales may have been a pupil of Gilbert. A watercolour of the scene by Gales, which is presumably the painting exhibited in 1869, was lent by Baroness Kinloss to the ‘Victorian Era’ exhibition (1897) and is now in the National Portrait Gallery.
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    Henry Gales
    The Derby Cabinet Resolving Upon the Abyssinian Expedition
    Purchased from Suckling and Co., March 1965
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