Westminster Bridge

  • About the work
    Country: Luxembourg
    City: Luxembourg
    Place: British Embassy

    This aquatint print was issued as a plate to the illustrated book ‘A Picturesque Tour of the River Thames in its Western Course: Including Particular Descriptions of Richmond, Windsor and Hampton Court’, published by Rudolph Ackermann in 1828. The book included a map, several vignettes and 24 coloured views, engraved after original drawings made ‘on the spot’ by artists William Westall and Samuel Owen. The series was published in six parts, released monthly from May 1828. Each part included four colour aquatint views and three or four sheets of descriptive text and cost 14 shillings to subscribers. A few examples of the parts were available on a larger scale, priced at one pound, one shilling.

  • About the artist
    London-born Richard Gilson Reeve was the son, and most likely pupil, of Richard Reeve (born 1780). Both father and son were aquatint engravers, mainly of sporting and marine subjects.
    William Westall was born in Hertford; the son of a brewer and brother of Richard, RA. He enrolled at the Royal Academy schools in 1799 and was later draughtsman for a voyage to Australia and the South Seas. After being shipwrecked he travelled to Canton in China and to India, staying in Bombay for several months. He returned to England in 1805 but later set off for Madeira and Jamaica. He became a member of the Society of Painters in Water Colours (1811) and an associate of the Academy (1812). Following a mental breakdown he regularly visited the Lake District and published ‘Views of the Valley and Vale of Keswick’ (1820). His series of aquatints of the Thames, universities and public schools for Ackermann are among his most popular works.
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    Westminster Bridge
    Coloured aquatint
    height: 21.50 cm, width: 29.50 cm
    Purchased from Agnew's, November 1962
    With Agnew’s Gallery, London (Stock No.23028); from whom purchased by the Ministry of Works in November 1962
    GAC number