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Richard Lemon Lander (1804-1834) explorer

  • About the work
    Country: UK
    City: London
    Place: Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Whitehall

    This bust of Richard Lemon Lander is attributed to Neville Northey Burnard, who also produced the statue of Lander (1849) which surmounts a column in Lemon Street, Truro, Cornwall.

    In 1852 the ‘Royal Cornwall Gazette’ reported:

    ‘Mr. Burnard never saw Lander, but was anxious to procure as good a likeness as possible of the man; he therefore borrowed the portrait by Brockendon from the Royal Geographical Society, and called at the house of Lander’s widow (now Mrs. Pask,) where he saw Miss Lander, and he was so struck with the remarkable resemblance between the daughter and the father, that he at once requested her to come and sit for the bust, and thus between the daughter and the picture, he has managed to model the face of a very interesting and intelligent man.’

    William Brockedon’s oil portrait of Richard Lemon Lander (c.1835) remains at the Royal Geographical Society, where there is also a plaster bust of Richard Lander by Burnard. The plaster version appears to represent an earlier stage in the design of the bust and is certainly not a cast of this marble bust. Burnard also sculpted a bust of Richard’s brother, John Lander, which was presented to Truro Museum by the sitter’s widow in 1869.

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    Lander, Richard Lemon
    Materials & Techniques
    marble bust
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    Richard Lemon Lander (1804-1834) explorer
    Marble bust
    Presented by Cyril Lander King, QC, 1957
    Presented by Cyril Lander King, QC, 1957
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