Lights on

Lily Kemp (1997 - )

acrylic on canvas

  • About the work
    The immersive and epic vista of this painting unites land and sea, across which the artist depicts a group of women working in agriculture and aboard a ship. The sail billowing at the centre of the composition marks the transition between scenes; however, there is a commonality between the styling and beautiful clothing of the women in both scenes.

    The women in Lily Kemp’s paintings are drawn from photographs in fashion magazines, she says: I’m interested in repurposing found images through the use of collage... What happens when you repurpose images of women from mass media? Can you truly create a new narrative or are you limited by the original context the image was found in?

    Kemp’s distinctive painting style is informed by her use of acrylic paint which enables her to create smooth flat surfaces that replicate glossy magazines. The stylish and lustrous colours of the women’s clothes seem out of place with their surroundings. This contrast is important to Kemp, as it heightens the ways in which the societal focus on women’s bodies and their appearance often limits our expectations of their strength and abilities.
  • About the artist
    Lily Kemp graduated from BA Fine Art Painting, Wimbledon College of Arts, London in 2019. The same year, Kemp was awarded both the Lim Ai Fang Art Prize and The Woon Foundation Painting & Sculpture Prize. In 2021 she had her first solo exhibition at Galeria Duarte Sequeira, Madrid.
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    Materials & Techniques
    acrylic (paint), canvas, acrylic painting
  • Details
    Lights on
    acrylic on canvas
    height: 100.0 cm; depth: 200.0 cm
    Purchased from New Contemporaries, August 2020
    New Contemporaries; from whom purchased by UK Government Art Collection, 18 August 2021
    GAC number