Interior (Green Lights)

Eleanor Moreton (1956 - )

Oil on canvas


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© Eleanor Moreton

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Image of Interior (Green Lights)
  • About the work
    Country: Turkey
    City: Ankara
    Place: British Embassy

    interiors are reminiscent of those by Edouard Vuillard (1868–1940). In Moreton’s work, historical events, fables and found images collide. These paintings of interiors are part of a large body of work that is concerned with unpicking some of the myths surrounding the Austrian Hapsburg Empire (1867–1918). Feeling that the paintings of the Austrian artist Ferdinand Waldmüller (1793–1865) promote a fantasy of the ideal home, Moreton has described how she wants to disrupt a sense of cosiness in her domestic spaces.  

    Although there is a deliberate nod to the work of another Austrian, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, Moreton acknowledges an ambivalence in her work where a house can be seen as a refuge, but also a suffocating place and a site of oppression: 

    'There is this ambivalence all the time because I long for the homely and all those kind of things and at the same time struggle to be free. .... My friend just had a baby and you can see the dilemma in the baby. You see it rigid with the desire to move and it can't yet and it's fascinating because it seems that the human being has two conflicting needs. I suppose that is what always has to be going on in my paintings'.
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    Materials & Techniques
    canvas, oil, oil painting
  • Details
    Interior (Green Lights)
    Oil on canvas
    Purchased from Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, March 2011
    verso, on foldback, t: INTERIOR - GREEN LIGHT ; b: E. MORETON 2010
    Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool
    GAC number