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Description de la Tartarie

  • About the work
    Country: Other
    City: other locations abroad

    This map of Asian Russia, originally published in 1654, is taken from 'Cartes Generales de la Geographie Ancienne et Nouvelle', published in two volumes in Paris in 1675.

  • About the artist
    Nicholas Sanson, French cartographer, was born at Abbeville, Picardy, and educated at Amiens. At the age of 18 he drew a map of Gaul. Sanson taught geography to Louis XIII and Louis XIV and Louis XIII, who he is said to have stayed with in Abbeville. In ‘Pharus Galliae Antiquae’ Sanson accused the French Jesuit writer Philippe Labbe of plagiarising his work. Sanson died in Paris in 1667. His eldest son was killed during the Fronde (the French civil war of 1648-53) but two other sons, Adrien (died 1708) and Guillaume (died 1703), succeeded their father as geographers to the king.
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    Description de la Tartarie
    Coloured engraving
    height: 44.20 cm, width: 59.00 cm
    Bequest of Noel H. Marshall, 2008
    Bequest of Noel H. Marshall CMG, 2008
    GAC number