Walldella VI

David Batchelor (1955 - )

20 plastic containers, low energy lights, electric cable and plug


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    'Waldella VI' is one of many illuminated and brightly coloured sculptural works that David Batchelor has made in recent years. His sculptures, mostly assembled from second hand objects, exist mainly as a foil for his obsession with colour and light. This sculpture incorporates cheap, recycled plastic cleaning fluid bottles and containers. Its use of found materials engages with the history of modernism and, in particular, the readymade sculptures of Marcel Duchamp. These unlikely, manufactured materials are strung together with cables, bulbs and plugs to create an unexpectedly beautiful 'readymade' hanging piece which radiates seductive colour.

    In 2007 'Waldella VI' was exhibited in Winchester Cathedral along with sculptures by other contemporary British artists including Marc Quinn, Rachel Whiteread and Darren Almond. It was suspended from a pillar in the Cathedral's nave, where it cast light on a stained glass window depicting Jesus, the Virgin Mary and St John.

    David Batchelor is currently Senior Tutor in Critical Theory at the Royal College of Art, London. He studied fine art at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham, and cultural theory at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, Birmingham University. He has exhibited extensively in the UK, Europe, the US and Latin America. In 2008 he participated in the inaugural exhibition of the Folkestone Triennial; and exhibited work in 'Colour Chart' a contemporary group show at MOMA, New York. Author of three books, 'Minimalism' (1997), 'Chromophobia' (2000) and Colour (2008) he is a regular contributor to international art journals.

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    Walldella VI
    20 plastic containers, low energy lights, electric cable and plug
    height: 177.50 cm, width: 52.00 cm, depth: 28.50 cm
    Purchased from Wilkinson Gallery, August 2008
    Wilkinson Gallery
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