Britton Ferry, Glamorgan

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    This print was taken from William Daniell’s ‘A Voyage Round Great Britain’, published between 1814 and 1825. The text which accompanied the view of Britton Ferry included the following:

    ‘Briton Ferry forms a little haven at the mouth of the Neath, in the deepest recess of Swansea Bay, and is surrounded by scenery, which in richness and elegance I have seldom seen equalled on any other part of our coast. The river spreads its confluence into a fine expanse of water, deep, smooth, and clear, and is bounded on each side by gentle hills, beautifully diversified in form, and covered with trees of full and stately growth.’

  • About the artist
    William Daniell was a much travelled landscape painter. In 1784 he went to India with his uncle, the artist Thomas Daniell, where he assisted Thomas with his drawing and sketching. By the time they returned to England in 1794, William was not only a proficient draughtsman but had also perfected the art of aquatinting. He was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy in 1807 and a Royal Academician in 1822. He refused the post of draughtsman to an Australian expedition to instead make numerous sketching tours throughout England and Scotland. Daniell is regarded as a superb aquatinter and his best works are thought to be among his Scottish views for ‘Voyage Round Great Britain’. He died in London in 1837.
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    Britton Ferry, Glamorgan
    Purchased from Editions Alecto, July 1978
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