Le Momot Oranroux, Male

Auguste Pelletier ( - 1847)

Coloured engraving

published 1806-1807
  • About the work
    Country: UK
    City: London
    Place: Government Art Collection

    This hand-coloured print shows ‘Le Momot Oranroux’, a momot (a tropical American bird with green-blue plumage). The print was published as an illustration to the first of three volumes of the French ornithological book ‘Histoire Naturelle des Promérops, et des Guêpiers’ (1807).

    ‘Le Momot Oranroux is reproduced in a supplement to the volume, which includes ‘Different Categories of Bird to those described in the first two volumes’.

  • About the artist
    Auguste Pelletier was a French illustrator, based in London. He painted birds, fruit and occasionally landscapes. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Old Water Colour Society and the Royal Watercolour Society. Of his Royal Academy exhibits, 22 were of birds, mostly foreign species, some of which he acquired from the ornithologist, taxidermist and dealer in natural history specimens Benjamin Leaderbeater. He was commissioned by French ornithologist François Levaillant to produce illustrations for ‘Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis’ (Paris, 1801-06) and ‘Histoire Naturelle des Promérops et des Guépiers’ (Paris, 1806-07). He also illustrated Thomas Horsfield's ‘Zoological Researches in Java and the neighboring islands’ (1821-24).

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    bird, motmot
    Materials & Techniques
    engraving, coloured engraving
  • Details
    Le Momot Oranroux, Male
    published 1806-1807
    Coloured engraving
    Purchased from F B Daniell, September 1951
    GAC number