Marie Elizabeth Amalie Franziska, Princess de Wagram (1784-1849)

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    Princess Maria Elizabeth Wagram was the daughter of Duke Wilhelm of Bavaria (1752-1837) and niece of the first King of Bavaria, Maximillian I (1756-1825). She married Louis Alexandre Berthier (1753-1815) Marshal of France, Prince of Neuchâtel and Wagram. Berthier began his army career as a military engineer. He served in the war of American independence and, on his return to France in 1789 he was named Major-General of the National Guard of Versailles. He also helped to protect Louis XVI and his family during the days of the Bloody Revolution.

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    François Gabriel Guillaume Lépaulle was a French painter, who was born in Versailles and died in Marne. A student of Henri Regnault and Horace Vernet, Lépaulle studied at the Beaux-Arts in 1819 and made his debut at the Paris Salon in 1824. His output was prolific and he exhibited continuously at the Salon, where he was awarded a second class medal in 1831. He painted a ‘Madonna and Child’ for the Ministry of the Interior and executed commissions for the Chapel of St Vincent of Paul, and the Church of St Merry. His paintings are in the collections at Paris (Carnavalet), Valenciennes and Versailles.
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    Marie Elizabeth Amalie Franziska, Princess de Wagram (1784-1849)
    Oil on canvas
    height: 114.50 cm, width: 87.50 cm
    Purchased from Gooden & Fox, July 1973
    With David Drey Ltd., London; from whom purchased by Gooden & Fox, London, in February 1966; from whom purchased by the Department of the Environment in July 1973
    GAC number