Loans to Exhibitions

We do not charge a fee for lending works from the Collection. However, on some occasions we may ask a borrower to contribute towards the cost of a loan, particularly if a requested work is on display overseas. Please search for the work you are interested in on this website and look for its location under the ‘About the work’ section.

We have no minimum notice period for requests, however as much notice as possible would be appreciated. Initial requests to borrow works from the Collection should be made in writing to the Government Art Collection Director Eliza Gluckman and emailed to

In the request, please include the following:

  • the objects requested quoting Government Art Collection (GAC) accession numbers where possible (search for the work on this website and look under ‘Details’)
  • the title and dates of the exhibition
  • the scope of the exhibition
  • the venue address
  • the names and contact details of key staff involved
  • a clear rationale for the inclusion of the objects in the exhibition, display or project