Sandy Bay Reach, St. Helena

Hubert Cornish (c1770 - 1832)

Watercolour and grey wash on paper

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    Hubert Cornish was a lawyer from Devon, who also became an accomplished painter of landscapes in watercolour. Most of his work was inspired by rural and coastal scenes in Devon. Cornish travelled through England and Wales and painted landscapes in Somerset, Denbighshire (north-east Wales) and the Lake District. He may be the Hubert Cornish who died at about the age of 55 at his seat at Black Hall, in Devon, in 1832.
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    Sandy Bay Reach, St. Helena
    Watercolour and grey wash on paper
    height: 37.00 cm, width: 53.50 cm
    Purchased from Appleby Bros, March 1970
    VERSO (on attached folded sheet): Sandy Bay Reach, St Helena. This view is taken from the part of the mountain called Diana's Peak, the summit of which is stated to be 3000 ft above the level of the sea. This is one of the most striking views in the whole island. The houses seen to be stuck about like martins' nests are the country houses of the gentry, and the two conspicuous rocks are called Lot and Lot's Wife. The flag is a signal and communicates with other flags on the island when any ship appears at sea. / N.B. This is the windward side of the island and the white appearance just over the flag is the surf of the sea which is always violent and guards the only landing place on this side of the island. The great elevation of the spot from whence the view was taken may be conceived from the height of the horizon, and the atmosphere always being clear, ships may be descried at an amazing distance.
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