Cokethorpe Church, Oxfordshire

Paul Sandby (1731 - 1809)

Pencil on paper

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    Paul Sandby, painter, printmaker and drawing master, was born in Nottingham. He was taught by his elder brother, architect and draughtsman Thomas Sandby, and followed Thomas in working at the Board of Ordnance. In 1747, he was made official draughtsman to the military survey of the Scottish Highlands, following the 1745 Jacobite rebellion. During the Gordon Riots of 1780, he was employed to record the military encampments in London. He was chief drawing master at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich from 1768 to 1796. Sandby was involved in the establishment of the Society of Artists and was a founder member of the Royal Academy. His made numerous views of Windsor Castle and Windsor Great Park, over a period of around 50 years.
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    Cokethorpe Church, Oxfordshire
    Pencil on paper
    height: 47.50 cm, width: 67.50 cm
    Purchased from Colnaghi's, March 1967
    Initialled top left; br: Cockthorp Church Gloster Shire [in ink], PS 1765 [in pencil]
    GAC number