Scarborough, with the Castle, Port and Spaw

  • About the work
    Country: UK
    City: London
    Place: Government Art Collection

    This coastal view of Scarborough in North Yorkshire includes the castle in the distance and the town below. In the left foreground, several people are gathered on the beach. Landscapes by the printmaker Francis Place are noted for their accurate detail of specific places, combined with an imaginary idealism. The original watercolour on which this print is based was sold through the fine art auctioneer Boulton and Cooper Fine Arts, based in North Yorkshire, in 2009.

  • About the artist
    Francis Place, son of Rowland Place of county Durham (who practised law) was apprenticed to an attorney at Gray’s Inn, until 1665. Through W. Hollar’s influence he became an amateur draughtsman and printmaker, later practising professionally, and etched plates for Jan Nieuhoff’s ‘Embassy to the Emperor of China’ in 1669. From c.1680 he was involved with the Virtuosi of York and later settled in York. Here, he met William Lodge, with whom he made drawing and angling excursions. They were imprisoned during one trip, suspected of involvement in the Popish plot. Place produced a set of Italian scenes for publisher Arthur Tooker. He also made botanical and animal drawings, still life studies and etchings for Godartius’s ‘Book of Insects’ (1681).
    Johannes Kip, an engraver, draughtsman and dealer, was born in Amsterdam in 1653 but later worked in Britain. He was associated with the court of William of Orange and moved to London shortly after William landed in England with his forces in 1688 to claim the English crown. Kip produced a large body of work for British publishers, ‘Britannia Illustrata’ being one of his most important projects.
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    Scarborough, with the Castle, Port and Spaw
    Coloured engraving
    Purchased from Parker Gallery, March 1965
    GAC number