Hands beneath the Sea

Edward Linley Sambourne (1845 - 1910)

Pen and ink on paper

28 December 1906
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    Country: France
    City: Paris
    Place: British Embassy
  • About the artist
    Edward Linley Sambourne was born in Pentonville, London. His father ran a furrier’s business in St Paul’s Churchyard. Sambourne was educated at the City of London School and Chester Training College. Aged 16, he entered the School of Art in South Kensington. He later gained an apprenticeship with a marine engine works in Greenwich. During this apprenticeship a friend showed his sketches to Mark Lemon, editor of ‘Punch’. This led to the publication of Sambourne’s first illustration for ‘Punch’. His career with the satirical magazine lasted for the rest of his life and he became Cartoonist-in-Chief in 1900. He also illustrated other publications, including the 1885 edition of Kingsley’s ‘The Water Babies’. He died in Kensington, aged 66.
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    Hands beneath the Sea
    28 December 1906
    Pen and ink on paper
    height: 32.00 cm, width: 24.00 cm
    Purchased from the Parker Gallery, August 1964
    BR: Linley Sambourne delin / 28.Dec. 1906 ON MOUNT: Father Neptune. "Look here madam, I've been your protector all these years, and now I hear you think of undermining my powers?" / Britannia. "Well the fact is I want to see more of my friends over there, and I never look my best when I have been sea-sick" / Punch 2nd January 1907
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