Ship Building at Limehouse, the President on the Stocks

William Parrott (1813 - 1869)

Colour lithograph

March 1840
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    Country: UK
    City: Wales
    Place: Swansea, Ministry of Justice
  • About the artist
    Topographical painter, watercolourist and lithographer William Parrott was the son of a farmer from Aveley, in Essex. He was initially apprenticed to engraver John Pye but later virtually abandoned engraving in favour of watercolour painting. Parrott exhibited in London at the Royal Academy (1835-63) and also at the British Institution, Royal Society of British Artists and elsewhere. He lived briefly in Paris (1842-43) and then Rome (1844-45), and published a series of twelve lithographs titled ‘Paris et ses Environs’ (1843). In 1851 he made a tour of Germany and he also paid frequent visits to Brittany and Normandy. Parrott occasionally painted figure subjects, including a caricature of J. M. W. Turner (1840; Ruskin Museum, Oxford).
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    Ship Building at Limehouse, the President on the Stocks
    March 1840
    Colour lithograph
    Purchased from Parker Gallery, April 1964
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