A View of Westminster Bridge / Vue du Pont de Westminster

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    This View of Westminster Bridge looking north includes several boats travelling on the River Thames. Below the image is a description of the bridge in French, which translates as follows:

    This bridge, considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe, is on the Thames in London, and is 1220 feet long and 44 feet wide, it is divided into 13 large arches and two small, 14 pillars and two architectural decorations at the centre. The central arch is 76 feet in diameter; the other 12 large arches are each 72 feet across, the two small arches 25 feet across. The two principal pillars are each 17 feet wide, the others are 16 feet wide. It took almost 12 years to complete the construction of this bridge which cost approximately 218,000 pounds Stirling. It was finished on 18 November 1750.

    In 1738 engineer Charles Labelye (1705–1781) was appointed to construct a bridge across the River at Westminster. Westminster Bridge opened in 1750. After London Bridge, it was only the second masonry structure to cross the Thames.

    This print was issued by the Parisian publisher Jean François Daumont, soon after the Bridge was completed in 1750.

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    A View of Westminster Bridge / Vue du Pont de Westminster
    Coloured engraving
    Purchased from Frank T Sabin, October 1961
    GAC number