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The Capture of Havana by the English Squadron

Dominic Serres (1722 - 1793)

Oil on canvas

  • About the work
    Country: Cuba
    City: Havana
    Place: British Embassy
  • About the artist
    Dominic Serres, marine painter and nephew of the Archbishop of Rheims, was born in Auch, Gascony. He studied at the English Benedictine school at Douai but is thought to have run away and served with the Spanish fleet, before being captured and sent to England as a prisoner of war in c.1750. After his release, he painted views of country houses. In the late 1750s he moved to London, where he was a pupil of marine painter Charles Brooking. He established a reputation for battle scenes during the Seven Years War and the War of American Independence. In 1768, he was one of the founder members of the Royal Academy and in 1780 he was made marine painter to George III. He became librarian of the Royal Academy in 1792, shortly before his death.
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  • Details
    The Capture of Havana by the English Squadron
    Oil on canvas
    height: 113.00 cm, width: 188.00 cm
    Purchased from Frank T. Sabin, June 1961
    With Sabin Gallery, London; from whom purchased by the Ministry of Works in June 1961
    GAC number