Peter King, 1st Baron King of Ockham (1669-1734) Lord Chancellor

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    Country: UK
    City: London
    Place: Government Art Collection
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    Mezzotint engraver John Simon was born to a Huguenot family in Normandy. He trained as a line engraver in Paris, before moving to England and working as a mezzotinter. In c.1708-09 he obtained several commissioned from Godfrey Kneller, which help to boast his reputation. He also attended the Academy for Artists in Great Queen Street, established by Kneller in 1711. Simon was a prolific engraver and produced prints after works by painters Michael Dahl, Philip Mercier and Enoch Seeman, among others. His works include six plates illustrating 24 ‘Poets and Philosophers of England’ (c.1727), as well as religious and decorative subjects. Simon retired in 1742 and died in 1751. His stock of plates were sold ten years after his death.
    Portraitist Michael Dahl was born in Stockholm. He studied under M. Hannibal and D. K. Ehrenstrahl before moving to England in 1682. In 1684 he visited Paris with Henry Tilson, possibly accompanying Godfrey Kneller. Dahl and Tilson travelled on to Rome. After converting to Catholicism, Dahl was able to paint Queen Kristina. He also painted Pietro Garoli of the Accademia di S. Luca. Dahl and Tilson returned in 1689 and Dahl was patronised by Prince George of Denmark and the Duke of Somerset. Queen Anne later commissioned he and Kneller to paint 14 portraits of Admirals, although Kneller alone remained Principal Painter. Dahl painted an equestrian portrait of Prince George for Windsor and portraits of Tories for the Queen. He died aged 84.
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    Peter King, 1st Baron King of Ockham (1669-1734) Lord Chancellor
    Purchased from Mrs Dorothy Lane, February 1958
    GAC number