Livin’ in a World of Fools, part 2

Eleanor Moreton (1956 - )

Oil on canvas


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© Eleanor Moreton

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  • About the work
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    Inside an uninhabited room, what appears to be a large tree – perhaps a Christmas tree – stands in front of a door on top of a piece of furniture. Glimpses of ornate decoration on the high ceiling hint at the space’s faded grandeur. There is a strange sense of queasiness created by the narrow range of colours in this painting and the almost ghost-like forms of furniture.

    Livin’ In a World of Fools part 2 by Eleanor Moreton belongs to a body of work in which the artist explored some of the myths surrounding the Habsburg Empire (1867–1918). In particular, she was drawn to the floral and folk paintings by the Viennese artist, Ferdinand Waldmüller (1793–1865) which she read as promoting a fantasy of the ideal home. In her own work, Moreton has described how she wants to disrupt a sense of cosiness in her domestic spaces. With a deliberate nod to the work of Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, she acknowledges the contrasting nature of a ‘home’ which can be both refuge and a place of enclosure:

    There is this ambivalence all the time because I long for the homely and all those kind of things and at the same time struggle to be free...

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    Materials & Techniques
    canvas, oil, oil painting
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    Livin’ in a World of Fools, part 2
    Oil on canvas
    height: 45.00 cm, width: 35.00 cm
    Purchased from Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, March 2011
    verso on foldback, t: E. Moreton 2011 ; b: LIVIN' IN A WORLD OF FOOLS, PT 2
    Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool
    GAC number