Henry Reeve CB DCL (1813-1895) translator and magazine editor

John Bell (1811 - 1895)

Marble bust

  • About the work

    This marble bust is of Henry Reeve, a translator and magazine editor who became Registrar of the Privy Council. It shows Reeve bare-chested, without contemporary clothing or the typical drapery of contemporary neo-classical busts.

  • About the artist
    John Bell, sculptor, was born in Suffolk and moved to London at about 16. After studying at Henry Sass’s School, he entered the Royal Academy Schools. He later exhibited at the Academy, British Institution and Society of British Artists. His subjects included portraits, religious, literary and mythological themes. His most popular sculpture, ‘The Eagle Slayer’ (1841), was produced several times in bronze, marble and iron. He was involved in instigating the Great Exhibition and the South Kensington Museum (V&A). Some works were reproduced by pottery manufacturers, including ‘Dorothea’; a best seller for Minton. He also designed decorative art objects, including fish-knives, bread-platters and a table. He died in Kensington, aged 83.
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  • Details
    Henry Reeve CB DCL (1813-1895) translator and magazine editor
    Marble bust
    height: 36.00 cm, width: 42.00 cm, depth: 21.00 cm
    origin uncertain - acquired by Privy Council Office, date unknown
    recto on brass plaque: HENRY REEVE, C.B., D.C.C. / 1813 - 1895 / CLERK OF APPEALS 1837 - 1853 / REGISTRAR OF THE PRIVY COUNCIL / 1853 - 1887 / BY JOHN BELL; verso: J. BELL. SG 18 1/5. / HENRY REEVE / Aetat_LXII.
    Privy Council Office; transferred to GAC 2009
    GAC number