Tabula Asiae II

Sebastian M Münster (1489 - 1552)

Coloured woodcut

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    City: other locations abroad

    This map is taken from Sebastian Münster’s 1540 illustrated Latin edition of ‘Geographia Universalis’ by Ptolemy (c.90-c.168AD; known as Claudius Ptolemaeus in Greek). The work only included maps but a later edition of 1550 also contained images of cities, portraits and costumes.

    Münster's map titled ‘Tabula Asiae II’ shows~part of the region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, today part of south Russia. At the left, Noah’s Arc is indicated. According to the map, it was here that the Arc came to rest on a mountain.

  • About the artist
    Sebastian Münster was a German cartographer and scholar. He was born in Ingelheim, Germany; the son of Andreas Münster. In 1527 he was appointed Professor of Hebrew at the University of Basel. In 1544 he published the ‘Cosmographia’, the earliest description of the world, which ran to several editions, the last of which was published in 1628, long after his death. Münster edited a new edition of Claudius Ptolemy's ‘Geographia’ and also wrote ‘Dictionarium trilingue’ and ‘Mappa Europae’ (both published in 1536). Münster died from the plague at Basel, at the age of about 63.
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    Tabula Asiae II
    Coloured woodcut
    height: 32.50 cm, width: 41.50 cm
    Bequest of Noel H. Marshall, 2008
    Bequest of Noel H. Marshall CMG, 2008
    GAC number