Sudbourne, Suffolk

Mark Edwards (1965 - )

Colour photograph mounted on aluminium


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© Mark Edwards

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  • About the work
    Country: UK
    City: London
    Place: Government Art Collection

    This view of Sudboune in Suffolk is from a series of six photographs entitled 'All Yesterday's and Today's', taken of locations in the east of England by Norfolk-based photographer Mark Edwards. Within this picture, a path leads us back invitingly though the composition into the density of trees and shrubs, where it quickly disappears. Instead of an easy visual amble through the picture, we are confronted with a compact wall of green foliage and grey sky. Unlike the other works in this series, this photograph forces our eyes to move around the picture surface in an uneasy attempt to find a stable focal point. Edwards sourced the locations for each photograph in this series by looking at an Ordnance Survey map and pinpointing places of interest. He visited each chosen location at different times of year, becoming accustomed to the landscape and its seasonal changes. The photographs were taken using a large-format camera, a tripod and a stepladder, referencing the pioneering landscape photography of the nineteenth century. This time-consuming process is evident in the distinct lack of action in the photographs, taken in soft, even light and empty of human characters.

    Mark Edwards was born in 1965. He studied for a postgraduate diploma in photography at De Montfort University in 1997 and the following year continued on at the University to study for an MA. Recent exhibitions have included 'Kettle's Yard Open' at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, in 2002, and 'Traces and Elements' at the Bend in the River Gallery, Gainsborough, in 1996.

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    Sudbourne, Suffolk
    Series Title
    All Our Yesterdays and Todays
    Colour photograph mounted on aluminium
    Joint commission by GAC, Commissions East and the Government Office for the East of England (GO-East) for the GO-East offices, Cambridge, September 2002
    the artist (commission)
    GAC number