Tunis, from the Saneeah Eftoor

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    Country: Tunisia
    City: Tunis
    Place: British Embassy
    This coloured engraving shows a view of Tunis and its most important sites as they appeared in the 19th century. It is part of Sir Grenville Temple’s ‘Travels in Greece and Turkey and the Mediterranean’ published in two volumes in 1843. The print shows Tunisian travellers accompanied by a camel resting by the shade of the luxuriant vegetation while a panoramic view of the city of Tunis opens up in the distance. As described in Grenville’s ‘Travels’: 
    'This is the favourite spot, the natural observatory, whence Tunis is seen in its beauty and its Eastern glory: rising with majesty, all robed in white, above the verdant fields and luxuriant groves that enrich the landscape, the monotonous character of a city view is relieved by the many mosques and minarets that shoot up from the wide-extended level of the roofs. The most distinct and conspicuous objects in the accompanying view are, the mosque of Zaheb el Taba (Lord of the Seal), of Sidi Mahraz ben Khalef, and the extensive works of the Kazbah'. 
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    Tunis, from the Saneeah Eftoor
    Coloured engraving
    height: 21.00 cm, width: 27.20 cm
    Origin uncertain
    Map House, London; Foreign & Commonwealth Office (British Embassy, Tunis)
    GAC number