Untitled History Painting III

Blaise Drummond (1967 - )

Oil on canvas


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© Blaise Drummond

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Image of Untitled History Painting III
  • About the work
    Country: Japan
    City: Tokyo
    Place: British Embassy

    Blaise Drummond's painting looks at first glance like a sample of fabric, with coloured flecks sewn into it. But it is actually peppered with meticulously painted "vignettes" of apparently random images: two hikers walking along with their backpacks; a ship; various houses and plants; a figure sweeping; a car under a dust sheet. He combines abstraction and carefully observed realism in one image. Drummond's interest lies in the relationships between people and their environment. Here, the vignettes are not situated in any environmental context, and it is not clear how exactly they relate to one another. They appear superimposed onto the abstract background, which functions as the landscape.

  • About the artist
    Blaise Drummond was born in Liverpool and graduated in Fine Art from the National College in Dublin in 1994. He completed an MA at Chelsea in 1998 and began lecturing in 1999. Drummond has had solo exhibitions at the Rubicon Gallery in Dublin; the Castlefield Gallery in Manchester; the Andrew Mummery Gallery in London; the Aalst Museum in Belgium, and the Crawford Municipal Gallery in Cork. He has been the recipient of numerous awards from organisations, including the Arts Council of Ireland and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, and was awarded a residency at the Centre for Art and Nature in Catalonia. He lives in County Longford, Ireland.
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    Materials & Techniques
    canvas, oil, oil painting
  • Details
    Untitled History Painting III
    Oil on canvas
    width: 152.80 cm, height: 152.80 cm
    Purchased from the Contemporary Art Society 'Art Futures' market, December 1999
    Contemporary Art Society Art Futures Fair, London
    GAC number