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Monument to V. Tatlin after D. Flavin II, Version One

Martin McGinn (1955 - )

Cellulose and acrylic on canvas


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© Martin McGinn

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Image of Monument to V. Tatlin after D. Flavin II, Version One
  • About the work
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    This painting refers in both appearance and title to a series of sculptures made from fluorescent light tubes in the 1960s by celebrated American artist Dan Flavin (1933-1996). Flavin's works in turn were made as a homage to the "Monument to the Third International" by the Russian Constructivist artist and designer Vladimir Tatlin (1885-1953). Tatlin's "Monument" was designed as an open spiral tower, intended for the centre of Moscow. Although never built, it remains one of the most potent images of post-revolutionary Russia and Soviet Constructivism. McGinn produced this painting of artificial light by spraying car paint through a stencil held a short distance away from the canvas.

  • About the artist
    Martin McGinn was born in Gillingham, Kent. He studied at Bristol Polytechnic (1974-1977) and at the Royal College of Art (RCA, 1978-1981). His first solo exhibition was held at the Curwen Gallery in London during his last year at the RCA. He has since participated frequently in solo and group shows in the UK and abroad, including ‘Nature of Light’ (Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea, Venice, 1999) and ‘Late Night Shopping’ (Saatchi Gallery, London, 2002). McGinn lives and works in London.
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    Monument to V. Tatlin after D. Flavin II, Version One
    Cellulose and acrylic on canvas
    height: 142.00 cm, width: 107.00 cm
    Purchased from Hales Gallery, November 1999
    Hales Gallery, London
    GAC number