The Rest Cure

Ansel Krut (1959 - )

Oil on board


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© Ansel Krut

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  • About the work
    Country: Turkey
    City: Ankara
    Place: British Embassy

    The pale colours and blurred lines of 'The Rest Cure', a painting by Ansel Krut, create an enigmatic scene which is composed in three distinct areas. At the left is a semi-recumbent figure, with a large floppy hat and pointed slippers, who leans on the pillows of a bed. To the right, another figure enters the scene, as if visiting the invalid, dressed in a red turban and an ornate blue and gold robe. Both figures are divided by an expanse of space which appears ambiguously as an open window or a blank wall. Below it, standing between both figures is a small white dog, whose upturned tail and pink tongue bring the only hint of movement to the scene. 

    The dream-like atmosphere of the painting is tempered by a disconcerting air of uncertainty. Who are the figures in this work? Where is the scene set? The semi-oriental style of both figures’ dress places them in a variety of locations and times, from the early Italian Renaissance period to an 18th or 19th century Asian interior. Equally, we could be looking at a scene from a play. The ambiguity of time and place is underpinned by the lack of definition in the faces of both figures and the indefinable background, which blends both interior and exterior features. 

    Krut has insisted that as onlookers, we should have minimal information about the subjects of his paintings. He prefers to keep the subject matter veiled and ambiguous, leaving us to decide on the meaning of the work for ourselves.

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    Materials & Techniques
    board, oil, oil painting
  • Details
    The Rest Cure
    Oil on board
    height: 30.50 cm, width: 40.80 cm
    Purchased from Jason Rhodes, March 1995
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