Henry Thurstan Holland, 1st Viscount Knutsford (1825-1914) politician

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    Country: UK
    City: London
    Place: Government Art Collection
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    Joseph Brown was a London-based line and stipple engraver. Most of his works are small portrait engravings, made after the work of contemporary artists. Brown exhibited ten works at the Royal Academy between 1857 and 1886. From 1857 to 1881 his address is listed in the Royal Academy’s ‘Dictionary of Exhibitors’ as Dartmouth Row and, from 1882, as No. 61 Dartmouth Road, in Forest Hill.
    Henry Tanworth Wells was a pupil of the painter of portraits and historical subjects James Matthews Leigh. Wells initially specialised in miniature portraits but as the development of photography reduced demand, he began painting on a larger scale. In 1870 he became a member of the Royal Academy and soon took a leading role in Academy administration. Wells married the painter and writer Joanna Boyce. Shortly after the birth of their third child Joanna died. Wells’ son, Sidney, also died suddenly at the age of just ten. A successful painter and prosperous artist, Wells’ best known work was ‘Princess Victoria Receiving the News of Her Succession’ (1837) now in the Royal Collection.
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    Henry Thurstan Holland, 1st Viscount Knutsford (1825-1914) politician
    Series Title
    Grillion's Club
    Stipple engraving
    Transferred from HM Treasury, April 1992
    GAC number