Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald (1775-1860) Admiral

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    Country: Peru
    City: Lima
    Place: British Embassy

    In this half-length portrait, Thomas Cockrane is depicted as Great Admiral of the Greek Fleet. He is dressed in a naval uniform and stands with his left hand resting on his sword and his right hand tucked into the opening of his jacket. A burning ship is seen at sea in the distance.

    This lithograph is by Jules Bouvier senior and was published by Adam de Friedel in September 1827 for Friedel’s series of lithograhed portraits titled ‘Twenty-Four Portraits of the principal leaders and personages who have made themselves most conspicuous in the Greek Revolution’ (London & Paris, 1827-29). The lithograph is based on a painted portrait of Cochrane by James Ramsay, exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1811. There is also a painted version of the portrait in the Government Art Collection, purchased from the Cochrane family in 1956. Another is in the collection of the current Lord Dundonald.

  • About the artist
    James Ramsay was born in Sheffield, the son of a carver and gilder who later became a dealer in prints and plaster models. Ramsay initially worked for his father’s business but also advertised himself as a portrait and miniature painter from 1801. In 1803, he moved to London, although he returned to Sheffield for short working stays. He is thought to have entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1805. After his studies he quickly established himself as a London-based portraitist. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, the British Institution and the Society of British Artists. In 1848, he moved to Newcastle upon Tyne, but continued to exhibit at the Royal Academy in London. He died after a long illness at his home in Newcastle.
    Jules Bouvier senior was born in France but worked as a painter and lithographer in London. He married a Scottish woman called Agnes. In 1841, Bouvier was living in St Pancras, London, with his wife and four children, Augustus (15), Joseph (14), Julia (12) and James (9). Between 1845 and 1865 he exhibited paintings of domestic scenes, including 55 works at the Royal Academy and one at the British Institution. He also lithographed portraits, railway subjects, etc., after works by contemporary artists.
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    Cochrane, Thomas, 10th Earl of Dundonald
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    Thomas Cochrane, 10th Earl of Dundonald (1775-1860) Admiral
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