Portrait of Mlle. Doré

François-Hubert (after) Drouais

Oil on canvas

19th Century
  • About the work

    This a copy of a work attributed to French portraitist François-Hubert Drouais, dated c.1765, in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. The original has an inscription on the parapet, which reads 'Mlle Doré'. This work was formerly attributed to Marie-Jeanne Doré (born 1736), the artist’s sister-in-law, who is said to have painted miniature portraits. It has been suggested that she painted two further portraits which include the inscription or signature ‘Mlle Doré’. However, the style and quality of the original version of this painting and the fact that it has given rise to at least two copies (another was sold through Sotheby's, London, in 2007) support the attribution to Drouais himself.

    The identification of the sitter is also a subject of debate. It has been suggested that it represents either Madame Drouais, wife of the artist, before their marriage (hence the inscription 'Mlle' or 'Miss') or Doré, the sister-in-law of the artist, who came to live with the family after the wedding. Although the work bears a similarity to a portrait of Madame Drouais of c.1758 in the Louvre, it is thought more likely (based on the apparent age of the sitter) to represent Doré.

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    Doré, Mademoiselle (possibly Anne-Françoise Doré or her sister, Marie-Jeanne Doré)
    Materials & Techniques
    canvas, oil, oil painting
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    Portrait of Mlle. Doré
    19th Century
    Oil on canvas
    height: 68.00 cm, width: 62.00 cm
    Origin uncertain
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