Gazette of Fashion

French 19th century unknown

Coloured engraving

published December 1864
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    This 1864 engraving shows a range of formal male attire and was published as an illustration to the ‘Gazette of Fashion, and Cutting-Room Companion’, a monthly magazine aimed at professional tailors and concerned exclusively with men’s fashion.

    The publication of the first issue was reported in ‘The Era’ in June 1849:

    ‘This… periodical devoted to Men’s Fashions… is edited by Edward Minister and Son, tailors to the Queen... There is a great deal of taste displayed in the illustrations – patterns which may correct the utter carelessness and want of judgement displayed by people who can afford to dress more becomingly, for we agree with Lord Chesterfield in declaring, that a wanton disregard of all taste as to attire is an insult to society, while nothing can be more contemptible than the other extreme.’

    The ‘Gazette of Fashion’ was authored by tailor Edward Minister (1794-1886). Minister was seen as one of the fathers of the tailoring profession. He was the author of several books on the subject of garment cutting. In 1820 he issued his first ‘Report of Fashion’ and he continued to publish ‘Minister’s Reports’ throughout his life. He also ran his own tailoring firm, with his son.

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    Gazette of Fashion
    published December 1864
    Coloured engraving
    Origin uncertain
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