A King and his Mace-Bearer, AD1310

  • About the work
    Country: Other
    City: storage

    This accurate depiction of an early suit of armour by Samuel Rush Meyrick was engraved as an illustration to ‘A Critical Inquiry into Antient [sic] Armour as it existed in Europe, but particularly in England, from the Norman conquest to the reign of King Charles II’, published in 1824.

  • About the artist

    W. Maddocks was a stipple engraver of small bookplates including portraits after his contemporaries. He produced a plate for the reduced-sized version of Thornton’s Temple of Flora, published in 1812. He may be the William Maddocks of the Callica-printing firm of Barr and Maddocks, of Cheapside, London, which was declared bankrupt in 1789.
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    Materials & Techniques
    engraving, coloured engraving
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    A King and his Mace-Bearer, AD1310
    Coloured engraving
    Origin uncertain
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