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One Mile from Gretna. Our Governor in sight, – with a screw loose!

  • About the work
    Country: USA
    City: Washington DC
    Place: British Embassy

    In ‘One Mile from Gretna’ a coach races to the village of Gretna, carrying a young couple intending to wed. The anxious passengers look back at the ominous sight of a second coach, thought to carry the ‘Governor’ (presumably the young woman’s father) approaching in the distance.

    Printmaker Richard Gilson Reeve engraved two large series of aquatint prints after works by artist Charles B. Newhouse between 1834 and 1838, both depicting anecdotal scenes of coaching and road incidents. The first, ‘Scenes on the Road’, included 18 plates and was published by Thomas McLean. The second set of 16 plates was first published by J. Watson of Vere Street, London, as ‘Incidents in Travelling’ (re-issued in 1845 by Messrs. Fores as ‘The Roadster’s Album’.) The plate ‘One Mile from Gretna, Our Governor in sight’ was included in the series ‘Incidents in Travelling’.

    ‘A False Alarm on the Road to Gretna’ (see GAC 15771) was first published as an individual plate by J. Watson in 1836. Watson also re-issued ‘One Mile from Gretna’ as an individual in 1838. Sometime after this date, these two works were issued again, apparently as a pair, by publisher Barnett Moss & Co. of Leman Street, London, who had presumably purchased the plates.

  • About the artist
    Charles B. Newhouse was a painter of coaching scenes and equestrian portraits. Most of his works were painted in watercolour, although there are also examples in oil. Several of his coaching scenes were engraved, mainly by Richard Gilson Reeve, but also by printmakers James Baily and Charles Rosenberg. Newhouse’s horses have been criticised for their exaggerated necks, tiny heads and spindly legs. However, his works also include skilfully-painted landscapes and often feature buildings.
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    Materials & Techniques
    aquatint, colour aquatint
  • Details
    One Mile from Gretna. Our Governor in sight, – with a screw loose!
    Colour aquatint
    Origin uncertain
    GAC number