George Washington (1732-1799) General & Statesman

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    Country: USA
    City: Boston
    Place: British Consulate-General

    Interpretation about this artwork is under review

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  • About the artist
    Thomas Cheesman, engraver and draughtsman, began his career in the studio of stipple engraver Francesco Bartolozzi. Thought to have been one of Bartolozzi’s best pupils, many early works by Cheesman were probably signed off by his master and are therefore lost among the great body of work by Bartolozzi. However, the pupil recognised the marketing value of Bartolozzi’s name when he signed his 1792 engraving ‘Adelaide’: ‘Drawn and Engraved by T. Cheesman late Pupil to F. Bartolozzi, R.A.’. Cheesman’s engravings were made after religious, literary and sentimental subjects by contemporary artists, as well as works by Old Masters. He is thought to have died shortly after his last work was exhibited at the Society of British Artists, in 1834.
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    George Washington (1732-1799) General & Statesman
    published 1 August 1796
    Purchased from Colnaghi, April 1952
    GAC number