Stratford Canning, 1st Viscount Stratford De Redcliffe (1786-1880) Diplomat

  • About the work
    Country: Turkey
    City: Istanbul
    Place: British Consulate-General
  • About the artist
    Frederick Christian Lewis senior was born in London; the son of a miniature painter. He was taught by his father and apprenticed to J. C. Stadler. In 1797 he entered the Royal Academy Schools. He married Elizabeth Exton and their children included painters John Frederick and Frederick Christian junior. He engraved Girtin’s illustrations to ‘Twenty of the Most Picturesque Views in Paris and its Environs’ (1803) and exhibited at the Royal Academy, British Institution, Society of British Artists and Old Watercolour Society. He also engraved Old Master drawings for Otley’s ‘The Italian School of Design’ (1808-23) and work by contemporary artists. Lewis served as engraver to several royals including Queen Victoria. He died in Middlesex, aged 77.
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    Canning, Stratford, Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe
    Materials & Techniques
    stipple engraving
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    Stratford Canning, 1st Viscount Stratford De Redcliffe (1786-1880) Diplomat
    Stipple Engraving
    Presented by Lady Dufferin, 1884
    Given to the Embassy in Istanbul by Lady Dufferin, 1884
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