Landscape with Fishing Scene


Oil on canvas

  • About the work
    Inspired by the highly detailed landscapes and 'capricci' of Joseph Vernet and Hubert Robert, 18th-century artist Louis-Philippe Crépin depicts here an atmospheric and picturesque landscape, typical of the neoclassical period. Having washed a bundle of clothes in the river, a mother watches over her two children who are handling a heavy net indicating a good capture of fish. The three figures are placed within an autumnal woody landscape with a winding river and heavy rocks. The silhouettes of two deer, one of them drinking water, emerge from the depth of the wood in the background.
  • About the artist
    Born in Paris in 1772, Louis-Philippe Crépin was a pupil of Joseph Vernet and Hubert Robert. A French naval painter who recorded large scale naval battles and engagements, Crépin was one of the first French artists to be awarded the title of 'Peintres de la Marine' (Painter of the Fleet), awarded by the Minister of Defense in France to artists who have devoted their talents to the sea, the French Navy and other maritime subjects.
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    Landscape with Fishing Scene
    Oil on canvas
    height: 122.00 cm, width: 134.50 cm
    Origin uncertain; probably purchased 1947
    GAC number