Sir Anthony Musgrave (1828-1888) colonial governor; Governor of Jamaica 1877-1883

Lionel Grimston Fawkes (1849 - 1931)

Watercolour on paper

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    Colonial governor Sir Anthony Musgrave was born at St John’s in Antigua, the son of the treasurer of Antigua. He was educated in the West Indies before serving as Private Secretary to the Governor of Antigua for about six months, from 1850 to 1851. He then studied at the Inner Temple in London, returning to the West Indies to become Colonial Secretary in Antigua, in 1854.

    From 1860 to 1861 Musgrave served as Acting President of the island of Nevis, in the Caribbean and, from 1861 to 1864, as Administrator and then Lieutenant-Governor of the island of St Vincent. He later became governor of Newfoundland in Canada, before being transferred to British Columbia in 1869. From 1872 to 1873 he was Governor of Natal in Brazil and from 1873 to 1877, Governor of South Australia. For the next six years Musgrave served as Governor of Jamaica. Soon after this study was made in 1883, Musgrave returned to Australia to serve as Governor of Queensland.

    Musgrave published several articles concerning political economy in various London journals throughout his career. He died suddenly, probably as the result of a heart condition, in Brisbane, Queensland, in 1888 and was buried locally at Toowong cemetery.

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    Lionel Grimston Fawkes, grandson of Walter Ramsden Hawkesworth Fawkes (an MP and patron of Turner), began his military training at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. By 1883 he was Dominic Gamble’s aide-de-camp in Jamaica. In 1885 he entered Staff College, Sandhurst. He became a Colonel in the Royal Artillery and later a Justice of the Peace. In 1891 he married Lady Constance Eleanor Kennedy, daughter of a Scottish peer. He was Professor of Military Topography at the Royal Military Academy from 1895 to 1900. By 1923 he and his wife had moved to Canada, purchasing the Point Comfort Hotel on Mayne Island and changing its name to Culzean after Constance’s ancestral home, Culzean Castle. They remained at Culzean for the rest of their lives.
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    Sir Anthony Musgrave (1828-1888) colonial governor; Governor of Jamaica 1877-1883
    Watercolour on paper
    height: 18.00 cm, width: 12.00 cm
    Purchased from Morton Morris, June 1979
    in pencil, tr: Sir Anthony Musgrave / Governor of Jamaica
    Purchased from Morton Morris & Co., London, June 1979
    GAC number