Port Scene

  • About the work
    Country: Portugal
    City: Lisbon
    Place: British Embassy
    This mid-17th painting by Reiner Zeeman shows a view of the port of Amsterdam, with a number of merchant ship vessels flying the Dutch flag. A couple of vessels are undergoing maintenance work carried out to the hull. In the foreground, several men are busy at work. The sea is calm and clear reflections of the ships can be seen in the water. This work is reminiscent of another painting by Zeeman titled 'Dutch Shipping in an Estuary', in the collection of the National Maritime Museum.
  • About the artist
    Dutch painter and printmaker Reinier Zeeman, also known as Reinier Nooms, was born in Amsterdam. His early career was as a Seaman (hence the name Zeeman) but he later turned to painting, working in a Dutch realist manner. Zeeman’s works demonstrate his knowledge of the design and rigging of ships and so present an accurate record of contemporary Dutch shipping. Zeeman had a successful career and for a time worked for the Brandenburg Court at Berlin. However, he better known as an engraver of shipping scenes. His paintings can be found in the collections of the Louvre, Paris, the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, and the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.
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    Port Scene
    Oil on canvas
    height: 36.00 cm, width: 49.00 cm
    Purchased from Sir Bruce Ingram, 1963
    GAC number