The Temple

British 18th century unknown

Coloured engraving

published 1755
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    Country: USA
    City: San Francisco
    Place: British Consulate-General

    In 1598 the historian and antiquarian John Stow (c.1525-1605) published the work for which he is~best-known; his ‘Survey of London’. The book uses using anecdotes and humour in describing the buildings, conditions and customs of London during the reign Queen Elizabeth I. John Strype, a~clergyman, historian and biographer, produced an updated edition of Stow’s ‘Survey’, titled ‘A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster’, which was published in 1720 and included illustrations and maps. A version of this engraved view of ‘The Temple’ was first published as Plate 44 of the 1720 edition. However, Strype again reissued Stow’s ‘Survey’ in parts from 1754, with additional plates and this work, published in 1755, is Plate 69 from Strype’s later edition.

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    The Temple
    published 1755
    Coloured engraving
    Purchased from Parker Gallery, March 1977
    With Parker Gallery, London; from whom pruchased by the Department of the Environment in March 1977
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