The Flood

Boyd and Evans (1944; 1945 - )

Aquatint (2 plates)


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Image of The Flood
  • About the work
    In The Flood, Boyd & Evans have depicted two rooms. In the room on the left hand-side, a dining table and chair are placed in the foreground. The room’s walls appear to be transparent and a mass of water seems to be press up against them. On the right, the water has entered a different room and a man dressed in a business suit stands alone, waist high in water. Boyd & Evans have used the aquatint technique in order to create these black and white prints. The aquatint technique produces a grainy surface which enables a heightened sense of tone, similar to pencil drawing. The artists also make paintings and photographs. Speaking about their way of working with images, which they refer to as ‘narrative’, Boyd & Evans have stated:
    We do not like being referred to as realists, whether hyper-, super-, photo-, or just plain. Reality is so different from a picture. There is never any confusion. 'Pictorial' would be better, 'representational' quite good enough.
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    The Flood
    Aquatint (2 plates)
    pair of images, each 20cm x 20cm
    Purchased from Christie's, 26 October 1976
    below image: 2/25 The Flood / Fiannula Boyd Leslie Evans 71
    Sold through Christie's, London, on 26 October 1976 (Lot 243); from which sale purchased by the Department of the Environment
    GAC number