Peckforton Castle, the Seat of John Tollemache Esq, MP

Augustus Butler
William Gauci

Coloured lithograph

published 1847-50
  • About the work
    Country: UK
    City: London
    Place: Government Art Collection
  • About the artist
    Augustus Butler was a lithographer and zincographer (a process similar to lithography, but using zinc printing plates) mainly of landscape views after contemporary artists. He made two lithographs for Charles James Richardson’s ‘Studies of Ornamental Design’ in 1848. Butler also worked with William Gauci to produce lithographs for the publication ‘The Mansions of England and Wales’ (London, 1850), written by Edward Twycross. A few of the plates for this series of volumes were also drawn by Butler.
    William Gauci was a lithographer, mainly of landscape views after the designs of his contemporaries. Gauci was based in London and his father, M. Gauci, and brother, Paul Gauci, also worked as lithographers. William collaborated with his brother on the production of several prints. In 1831 ‘Arnold's Magazine of the Fine Arts’ commented: ‘William Gauci is a landscape draughtsman; but his style is monotonous; he has however lately obtained more brilliancy than formerly distinguished his works.’
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    Peckforton Castle, the Seat of John Tollemache Esq, MP
    published 1847-50
    Coloured lithograph
    Purchased from Baynton-Williams, January 1976
    GAC number