The Siege of Doway, April 25 1710

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    Antoine Benoist was born to a family of artists in Picardy, France. In his teens he was brought to England by engraver and publisher Claude Du Bosc, to work on plates for ‘A Military History of the Duke of Marlborough’ (1736). In June 1741 he revisited Paris for less than a year. After returning, he was employed by the Bowles brothers to engrave Hayman’s designs for Vauxhall Gardens. He remained in London until March 1744, when France declared war on Britain. Following the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle he again returned to produce topographical, architectural and portrait prints and plates. He was also a drawing master and, in 1763, was living in St Martin’s Lane with a fellow drawing master and dealer named Beauvais. He died unmarried in 1770.

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    The Siege of Doway, April 25 1710
    Coloured engraving
    Purchased from the Parker Gallery, August 1975
    inside image: [lower centre] THE SIEGE of DOWAY April the 25 1710 below image: [centre] [text covered by border]
    GAC number