Prospect of the Cathedral Church of St Paul’s, London

A de Putter


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    City: storage

    The numerous figures strolling around St. Paul’s Cathedral in this view are shown against the dominating structure before them. A statue of Queen Anne is seen in front of the Cathedral steps. The version of the statue depicted is the original sculpture by Francis Bird (1667–1731), completed in 1712. By 1885 it was showing signs of deterioration and was replaced by a near replica, made by sculptor Richard Claude Belt (1851–1920). The original was saved from destruction by 19th-century travel writer Augustus Hare and is still located in the grounds of his former home, Holmhurst, in Baldslow, Sussex. The sculpture has deteriorated further and is now on English Heritage’s ‘Heritage at Risk’ Register. 

  • About the artist
    Little is known about Dutch printmaker A. de Putter and few examples of his work are known. He was working as an engraver in Amsterdam during the first half of the 18th century. In addition to his engraving ‘Prospect of the Cathedral Church of St Paul's, London’, he engraved a ‘View of the Town Hall in Amsterdam’ (1719), ‘Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem‘(c.1738) and illustrations to the writings of the French Benedictine Antoine Augustin Calmet (1672-1757) and the French polymath Louis Bourguet (1678-1742).
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    A de Putter
    Prospect of the Cathedral Church of St Paul’s, London
    Purchased 1947-1948
    [bottom right, in ink] 13
    GAC number