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Map of Northumberland

Robert Morden

Coloured engraving

first published 1695
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    Country: Other
    City: storage
  • About the artist
    Robert Morden was a maker of maps and globes. Nothing is known of his background but he is thought to have been apprenticed to the printer and globe maker Joseph Moxon early in his career. Morden frequently advertised in the ‘London Gazette’ and at times went into partnerships with fellow mapmakers, including William Berry and Philip Lea. His best known maps were for Edmund Gibson’s 1695 edition of ‘Camden's Britannia’. In addition he produced maps of London, Essex, the American colonies, parts of Europe and a 13-sheet map of the world. He also dealt in mathematical instruments and wrote publications, including ‘Geography Rectified’ (1680) and ‘An Introduction to Astronomy, Geography, Navigation, and other Mathematical Sciences’ (1702).
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    Map of Northumberland
    first published 1695
    Coloured engraving
    Purchased from George Hughes, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, June 1950
    GAC number